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Warm lentil and squash salad

This warm lentil and squash salad is tasty and low maintenance. It requires little attention while cooking and can be served anywhere on the temperature spectrum from chilled to piping hot depending on the promptness of the guests and how distracted I get chatting before I get around to feeding […]


Sweet and spicy squash and kale

Bring the sunshine to your dinner table with this Caribbean inspired sweet and spicy squash and kale dish. I use kabocha squash, a round, winter variety with a dark green and orange skin. The cooked flesh has a floury texture, a bit like plantain and tastes sweeter than butternut squash. […]


Chocolate truffles

These chocolate truffles are great for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or any other time you fancy a chocolate fix. After creating the basic truffle mix you can flavour as you please. Simply follow the recipe but before you put the ganache in the fridge to set, stir in your chosen […]


Wild mushroom and barley risotto

This wild mushroom and barley risotto is much lower in carbohydrate and higher in fibre in comparison to a typical rice risotto. The cooking process is the same, adding stock to the barley little by little but as legendary vegetarian food writer Rose Elliot notes, with barley risotto ‘you can […]


Quinoa Mexicana salad

This Quinoa Mexicana Salad is quick, easy and nutrient rich making it perfect lunchtime fare to get you through the winter months. Though imbued with a sense of promise of what the New Year might offer, January is a month in which I never seem to quite get on top […]